Latest Website Client

Checkout our latest website client and our very first responsive eCommerce website.


We have thoroughly enjoyed creating our first ecommerce website for our latest website client “Bohemian Sheik”.

Working with beautiful images is always a pleasure.

Checkout their website for some affordable Christmas gifts.

wristwear by bohemian sheik our latest website client

Wristwear by Bohemian Sheik

Read Bohemian Sheik’s blurb below….

For thousands of years humans have adorned themselves with gemstones, metals and pieces of jewellery. The ancient Egyptians made many amulets with gemstones and beads imbued with magical powers, giving protection, healing, love and prosperity. Allow a piece of our jewellery to bring meaning and project a message to the world about you.

And most of all health healing and happiness to all. – Ainsley E